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What Not To Forget To Do When Moving House

Chicago Handyman Movers

The future is full of potential when you up-sticks and move to a new home. It is a stressful undertaking, but in most cases it is worth the effort. You will be leaving you existing home behind, and that might be an emotional time. Even though you might be sad about leaving the place, you must leave it in good condition for the next inhabitants. It is particularly important to leave the place in tip-top condition if it is a rental property.


Let’s assume that you qualify for a mortgage and have found the home of your dreams in an estate agents in Orpington; here are some things not to forget when moving house.



You must make sure that the decoration in a rental property is in good condition when you leave; the refund of the deposit might depend upon it. You don’t need to go to much trouble to make the place feel fresh and clean. Paint the walls with emulsion and use gloss paint on the woodwork where necessary. It doesn’t take long or cost much money.



Check that the gutters are clean and that there are no dripping taps too. Those things are a source of annoyance for people. Tidy the garden and use a jet washer to clean the paths and driveway.



Allow more time for packing than you think you need. Your stress levels will go through the roof if the day is almost upon you and there is still much to do.



Remember to contact the gas, electricity, and water suppliers to let them know you are moving. They will need the meter readings on the day you move to produce an accurate final bill.



The post office will redirect your mail for a fee. Most people only need this service for a few months; that gives them plenty of time to inform everybody of their new address.


New Contact Information

Let everyone know where you are moving to. They might not be able to contact you by email while you wait for a new broadband connection, but your mobile phone will serve you well. here are a few people and organisations you should notify.


  • Your Doctor
  • The Bank
  • Your Employer
  • The Local Authority
  • Schools


Personal Documents

Collect all of your personal documents and put them in a safe place. It is important that you do not keep them in your general belongings. Include your birth certificate, driving license, bank statements and insurance policies. You could either keep them in the boot of your car or leave them with a trusted relative until you take them to your new home



What do you intend to do with your pets on the day of the move? You will be wise to relocate them until you are in your new home. If you have no close friends or relatives who can take them in for a day or two, look online for your nearest boarding kennels or catteries. There are plenty of them about. The day will probably be manic, and you won’t have time to worry about the animals.



Don’t forget to take some plants out of the garden to remind you of your old home. Some people might think it is a bit mean, but if you planted them, there is nothing wrong with it. Dig them up at the last minute to give them the best chance of survival.


If you forget something, don’t beat yourself up over it. Almost everyone will omit something obvious because your mind suffers from overload. Plan well, and the day should go without a hitch.

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